Steele Wizard Tarot

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~The Language of the Soul~

Hold the Keys

 Unlock the Mysteries


Begin the Journey   

  The Steele Wizard Tarot is a Masterfully illustrated 88-card deck with additional Court Cards & Major Arcana that provide a clear, concise reading eliminating any doubts the Seeker or the Reader may have about the Message.  

Discover your untapped potential in the Maidens and Journey beyond Duality with the extended Major Arcana.

Whether a beginning or a master tarot reader, the Steele Wizard Tarot will prove to be an invaluable tool with each cards' illustration designed to access the knowledge of the Inner Spirit.


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To introduce you to the additional cards in the deck and allow a bit of insight, the links provided here are for the 'Tarot Apocalypse' presentation.


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Eternal Seeker Oracle

This 33-card Oracle brings you to "Know Thyself" from the depths and heights of your inner-most being to your embodiment of Spirit in human form.

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For those who have purchased the new edition of the Steele Wizard Tarot (the single deck) and cannot find the website on the box that tells you where to get the Little White Book please click on the link below for the PDF download.

Steele Wizard Tarot Little White Book