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‘Steele Wizard Tarot’

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    Pamela Steele

            Five decades of art experience and over 40 years tarot reading has produced a blending of old-school tarot and new-age attitude. Pamela's efforts have resulted in a user-friendly extended tarot deck designed for beginning and experienced readers.. Developing from a traditional base, Pamela has taken tarot reading to the next level by including additional Minor and Major arcana to produce an 88-card deck.  Her vivid new images reveal layers of meaning within each card while triggering the reader’s intuitive process to reach beyond pat meanings and into deeper realizations.
A strong belief in self-empowerment and self-mastery is the foundation of this tarot.  A lifetime of experience has given her the knowledge that we each have the ability to recreate ourselves with passion and intent.  Pamela’s use of tarot for this purpose has given her the opportunity to assist in her own and others’ discoveries of self-truths and spirituality. 
The Steele Wizard Tarot deck provides a unique experience in the art of tarot reading.  From the Minor Arcana’s detailing of personal experiences to the Major Arcana’s exploration of Spiritual influences this deck helps clarify what is strategic to the summing up of our lives.  By exploring the possibilities and examining the choices we make each moment we gain clarity and insight into the unfolding experience of our personal journey.  The Steele Wizard Tarot is a practical divination tool specially designed for such a purpose. 
Whether a beginner or an experienced professional, this deck will prove to be a valuable tool for spiritual exploration.

Pamela has worked as an artist, a professional tarot reader, a bartender, a horse trainer, an oil patch worker, and is a registered massage therapist.

An adventurous spirit prompted her to join a jousting troop as a member of the ground crew at age 53 and take belly dance lessons at age 54. 

She recently released a series of e-books for children featuring the Wizard's Pets which were first created in 1984. These lovable characters are now the Wizard's Pets Tarot-the ABCs.

Pamela has two sons, three granddaughters and two grandsons.  She lives with her friend, partner, and significant other, Brian. They are graciously allowed to dwell in the house of Boo the Cat's house along with Skippy, Boo's fish.          

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