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Mary Nale

Tarot with Nale and Company

by Mary Nale

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steele Wizard Deck Interview

This deck is one of the nicest packaged decks I’ve ever seen.  The box is very sturdy and attractive too.  (This color scheme goes perfect with my home!)  The first thing you will notice when you open this box is that the cards are very large. 
You should go to page 6 in the companion book for details on how to shuffle this deck.  Do this first so you don’t damage your cards.
The greatest thing about cards this large is that you can SEE the images!  Take your time and look at these images, they have a lot of depth to them; a great amount of personality is infused in each person.
This is the first deck I’ve owned that has extra cards and even without knowing the deck well yet, I can see why they’re here.  It really does add to all of the layers of your reading. 

I’m slightly in awe of this deck!  Knowing all of the hard work put into this by Pamela adds to my appreciation.


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