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Several months back, I had just relocated and couldn’t find my cards anywhere.  Although the majority of my readings are performed with my own abilities, I had a new client who had heard about my tarot readings.  When I informed her that I was unable to locate them in the mountain of boxes just yet and would need to schedule a later appointment with her, she asked if I could purchase a new deck if she paid me extra.  I explained to her that my tarot mentor taught me that your cards should always be a gift, chosen for you, but I would definitely call her as soon as I found mine. We hung up and I went about my day.

Just five minutes later, she called back and said that she would be willing to purchase a new tarot deck for me.  The reading was that important.  She asked me to accompany her down to the new age shop in my town so I could at least explain to her which decks I would be comfortable with or would prefer.  So later that evening we left together and visited the shop.  I looked through several of their decks and while I was immediately drawn to the Steele Wizard Tarot Deck because of it’s size, beauty and the energy I felt from them but they were a bit on the pricier side so I set aside several other less expensive decks that I felt I could use and explained that I would go look around the rest of the store while she decided and made her purchase.  I didn’t tell her how drawn I was to the Steele Wizard deck at all, simply because I was trying to be modest and realized I would find my faithful deck that I had been using for years anyway

When she was finished, I brought up a few items of my own that I bought for myself and while I was paying she told me she hadn’t chosen one of the decks I had left out and that she hoped that I still liked the ones she chose for me because they seemed to be the deck she was drawn to and something told her that they were meant ‘to find me’.  I didn’t know which deck she had chosen in that very second and I felt a little nervous and disappointed at first because I truly had reasons for not choosing the other decks, but something came over me telling me to be calm and that it was fine.  I smiled and thanked her, she handed me the bag and when I opened it up and saw the Steele Wizard deck in the bag, I felt like I did every time I was a child and someone told me we were going to Disneyland!
The reading went well that night and I’ve performed several with this deck since then.  Because it is an expanded deck of 88 cards, there is a learning curve for even a master tarot card reader, however, the magical property of these magnificently designed and illustrated cards has a way of speaking to the reader and the speaker almost completely on its own.  Having owned them for quite some time now, I’ve come to the conclusion that I would not only recommend them to others but I would be more than happy to gift a deck of these wonderful cards to a reader.

New minor and major arcana are added to the deck to expand it and add a bit of self expression from the creator.  They include the Maiden in each suit as well as The Universe, I Am, The Weaver, The Twins, Soul Truth and Evolution to follow The World card in a traditional 78 card deck.  Because of this, although the creator says they can be used by beginners as well as masters, I personally recommend a beginning reader to start off with a traditional deck and work their way up to these so they are still familiar with the use of other decks.  Certainly, these cards will complement a traditional reading, however, to establish the experience and skill, initial training should still take place on a simpler deck.  I wouldn’t say that a beginner should shy away from owning the deck, just not using them at first, but what a great gift these would be from a teacher to their student once they have in fact achieved true skill with traditional cards!

I say that last bit for more than one reason.  The story behind the cards is a story of a passion project with much love, dedication and skill behind it.  The artist and creator, Pamela Steele, spent decades honing her own skills in art, tarot and other healing arts, all of which culminated into this masterpiece.  Her vision and universal path led her on a trail of frustration and debt, but as with anything that is meant to be, it has paid off for her in the end and now she can stand proud with her head held high knowing that she has gained the respect of experienced readers like myself and many many others.

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