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Personal in-depth tarot consultations can help you understand more than the problems of your daily life. It brings information from your highest Self into consciousness and assist in personal growth and empowerment. Imagine a question that has burned into your mind. The one that is All About You! That elusive, can't quite put your finger on it answer that you know is just beyond your scope and vision. Now imagine you have 'Googled' it and found a site that promises to answer that question! Just click on the 'download here' and the answers you're seeking are yours. But there's a catch, once its safely embedded on your 'hard drive' you find you have no program that will open it! Enter Pamela Steele and the Steele Wizard Tarot. When you consult the tarot you are consulting your ultimate guide, your Highest Self. What a tarot reading will do is declassify and un-encrypt the information you are trying to gift yourself! If you are truly seeking answers, if you are ready to go beyond duality and integrate Spirit into your lfe, this tarot reading is for you.

Readings are priced according to time. I read in person, on Skype, and email readings. I do prefer that you hold all questions until the end of the reading at which time I will ask if you have any question that was not answered. Email readings will be accompanied by images of the cards used in the reading. In person readings are recorded on CD for your future reference and Skype readings may be recorded by dowloading a free Skype MP3 Recorder by following the link below.

Feel free to download and use any of the tarot spreads offered with these readings.

Thank you and may you enjoy your Journey!

Experience the Steele Wizard with these personal readings on Skype. These readings can be audio recorded for your future reference. These interactive readings are audio recorded live and photos are taken of each spread to be emailed to you after your reading. To record your readings please download your free MP3 Skype Recorder

To book your reading please select the PayPal button next to your choice. Paypal will notify me of your payment and reading choice. I will then contact you to set up a time to meet on Skype.

Not a Skype user? If you prefer, you may send your questions with your PayPal payment, or by a seperate email, and I will audio record your session to be emailed to your inbox. These readings also include photos of your spreads to be sent with the recording.

Due to scheduling it may take a few days to set up a reading appointment.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a tarot reading. Please state 'I am over 18 years of age.' when you order.


Approximately 1 hour of indepth exploration into your personal Journey. Discover what brought you here, what holds these conditions in place, What options you have. Which choices best serve who you are now. What you can hope to achieve.

Using the Clearing your Path the extended Celtic Cross, the Situation Spread, the Release-Attraction Spread , and the Basic Prediction Spread, this reading will help guide you on your Journey and discover your hidden potential with Self Mastery and Self Empowerment as your goals.

$90.00 CND

A 30 minute reading consultation using a choice of two spreads. The extended Celtic Cross, the Karmic Insight Spread, Clearing your Path, the New Moon Spread, or the Situation Spread.



A quick 15 minute reading consultation using your choice of 1 spread. The Situation Spread, the New Moon Spread , The Karmic Insight Spread or Clearing your Path




"I have worked with Pamela closely concerning my "DragonSteele Meditations", that I wrote having been inspired by her "SteeleWizard" deck. She is a highly spiritual person, kind and honest. She is one of the great talents in the Tarot Community."


I've had several readings from Pam over the years.  I was leery at first. Though, after my first reading with her I was hooked.  Pam's passion for tarot reading certainly shows in her ability to be precise with the information she shares with you.  Her intuitive nature helped to bring clarity to my thoughts.  Through this process she also gave me direction for my future.  I will continue to have readings with Pam to seek clarification and guidance.

Lynsey Owen
Brooks, AB

Pamela Steele always brings such a breath of fresh air to her readings. So often its as much about asking the right question, and she has such a gift for bringing out what the real issues are. I truly value her clarity, insight and common sense - not to mention the warmth of understanding she brings to whatever situation that seems to be unfolding. I have known Pam for many years and have always treasured the quality of counsel that her readings provide. It isn’t just about the answers, but about framing the right questions. Her clarity and insight have always led me to the right place in my personal journey by opening insights I would never have otherwise discovered.

Maya Heath


    As an experienced reader, I do believe it's important and necessary to have readings ourselves from a person who has no vested interest other than reading the cards. In my case it's hard to be objective when reading myself and if your friends know too much, there's a bias. So, as I have begun a very different and unexpected journey having nothing to do with tarot, I asked Pamela for a reading, asking only one non-specific question and let me tell you, not only did she hit everything right on the head, it was short, concise, to the point & seemed to come from a place on the other side of the veil. As an intuitive reader, I felt my soul stir reading what she wrote. THE best reading I've had & I can't thank her enough.

    Stacy LaRosa

I know when I go to see Pam for a reading I sometimes feel a little on edge only because I know she is going to go to places that I have a tough time going to myself. Which is exactly the reason why I go because I know that if I want a cut the sh** and a no nonsense approach to everything I got going on for myself in my life then Pam is most certainly the reader to see!

John Anderson

My first Tarot reading that I have ever had was not what I expected at all. I honeslty was a little nervous at first and thought it would be like something you see in the movies or online. I thought she would tell me if I would meet a tall handsome man or If I would win the lottery or even have a sudden death in the family.
Instead the tarot reading was like a gateway to my future. The cards told her of possible obtacles I would face and that the outcomes would be fine. She gave me insight on how to cope with some of these possible situations and how to look positively into the future.
I found the reading very useful to me and believe that Pam has a natural gift of helping people interperate their future and send them in the direction that they feel they should follow.
Very, Very insightful!! Shes opened up a whole new world to me and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a new way of looking at our world and our very existance! Thank you Pam

Isobel Oelke

“Pamela's Steele Wizard deck pulled me through some profoundly difficult times and became the foundation for my recovery. Pamela herself is a very gifted woman in so many ways, most notably with her interactions, which are always from a place of deep compassion. She is outstanding, different, authentic, pure. I continue to learn to be a better me by watching her.”

Donnaleigh de LaRose

Beyond Worlds-Tarot Tribe

    'A beautiful soul and kindred spirit. I came to Pam looking to begin my own journey of tarot reading. After purchasing her deck and using them myself I knew I had to sit down with her. Her genuine nature and light hearted humor made me feel very at ease and open to the reading. Her abilities are truly inspiring and very dead on. I look forward to attending her tarot study group and developing my abilities further. A gift of consciousness that can open the doors to higher enlightenment. I feel blessed to have crossed her path and encourage anyone out there in need of a little guidance on their current situation to have her do a reading. We all need reassurance time and again to help lead us and keep us on our path. What our purpose is and what we have to gain from seeing the opportunities and seizing them when we are faced with them. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! Very positive experience!'

    Candi Chandler

"I had a great reading with Pamela Steele. She uses her fantastic self-created Steele Wizard tarot deck and puts a lot of time into her readings. She uses multiple spreads and has a lovely style. It was the most detailed and enjoyable reading I've had; it was both informative and fun, and it also helped give me clarity on a lot of paths, both in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. I loved every minute of the reading and as, as a reader myself, I highly recommend her to everyone. Check her out!"



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