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Articles and Reviews

The following tarotist have graciously written articles and reviews on the Steele Wizard Tarot.

Reviews may be read by clicking on the name in the left column. The right column has links to provide more information and threads to the writer's other works.

Velvet Angel

Velvet Angel's Tarot Wisdom Readings newsletters are filled with insights and tidbits that will amaze and delight all tarot lovers!

Interview by Maggie Lukowski &Jean Maurie
Personal Empowerment with Pamela Steele
Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet was one of the first tarot professionals to submit a review of the Steele Wizard. Her work in tarot has brought us Bonnie's fabulous new book, Tarot Birth Cards and You 'Keys to Empowering yourself'.

Maggie Lukowski weekly tarot reading featuring the Steele Wizard Tarot
Maggie Moon Tarot
Melanie Harris

As the assistant editor for Tarot Reflections, Melanie contributes to the world of tarot through the monthly, web-based publication of the ATA. Her insightful writing has enriched the community with her own unique perspective.

Donnaleigh de LaRose
The Steele Wizard Tarot review by Donnaleigh de LaRose
John Marani CPTR
Reverend John Marani, AKA “JohnnieTwoBrows”, has been studying the Tarot since 1989 and is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader from the Tarot Certification Board of America.
Christine Payne-Towler
The author of Tarot Magic's text and Tarot ArkLetters this incredible lady's contribution to tarot has placed her in the spotlight as someone to be admired for her tireless work in the world of tarot community.
Don't miss the amazing journey of this dedicated, talented lady! The Lotus Pond

As the founder of World Tarot Day, this lady has contributed more to tarot than can be counted. 'The iconic DenElder, prolific writer, Tarot Grandmaster, and founder of The Church of Tarot, got the idea for World Tarot Day back in 2003, and from there, the rest is history in the making.'

In addition to her many contributions, Den has written individual meditations titled the DragonSteele Meditations Each card is presented with Den's unitque perspective as well as insights and questions we each need to ask ourselves.

Self Publishing a Tarot

This ATA article by Melanie Harris features 4 different artist who have published their own tarots, including Pamela Steele.

"Have you ever dreamed of creating and self-publishing your own Tarot deck? It’s a fantastic thought for most creative Tarot enthusiasts, but the process can seem daunting if you don’t know exactly what is involved. Where do you start? How do you print it? Where can you sell it? I talked to four successful self-publishing Tarot artists to find out just how it’s done."

With Insights Radio
Jennifer Sieck's gentle voice and keep perceptions lend her interviews a true fire-side chat atmosphere. Follow this lovely lady's blog talk radio shows at Inner Voice Tarot on Facebook.
Tarot with Nale and Company by Mary Nale

Mary's delightful sense of humor makes her one of the most enjoyable of all tarot companions. Her Tarot Nale and Company 'A journey through the cards I love' is both dynamic and enjoyable.

James Ricklef
James Ricklef's Tarot Blog is a fantastic journey with various deck creators and James' unique spiritual perspective on all things tarot. A truly gifted man who's devotion to the art of tarot is nothing less than inspirational.
Paranormal Utopia
All things paranormal are investigated at this diverse site. If it's unusual, it's here at Paranormal Utopia
The Maidens' Voyage
Also available are Blog Talk Radio programs! This episode features the Maidens' Voyage Beyond Duality with the gracious Donnaleigh de LaRose on her Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe podcast. Always exciting and fabulously entertaining, Donnaleigh captures the imagination and lights fires of creativity.
Divine Whispers by Donnaleigh de LaRose

There are no words to describe this incredible woman and her tremendous spirit. Her Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe blog talk radio shows are filled with interesting guests and gifted readers, as well as being one herself! You're welcome to listen in the archives to an in-depth discussion on the additional cards in the Steele Wizard titled The Maidens Voyage~Beyond Duality

Video Review by Angelo Nasios
Angelo Nasios is one of the most talented young readers to grace our community. Voted Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo continues to support and promote tarot through readings, videos, and writing.
Alec Satin
Alec Satin has studied and practiced professionally as a psychotherapist, counselor and minister. His passion is helping individuals and businesses function with more harmony, effectiveness and grace. Transcendental Tarot
Cheryl Lynne Bradley
The president of Tarot Canada, Cheryl invites all to visit Tarot Canada on Facebook and join the fun!

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